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VRTCL TroubleshootingUpdated 2 years ago

My device was dead on arrival.

If you are to receive a device dead on arrival, please try leaving on charge for at least two hours. This is often a sign that the battery is drained and needs a little extra time to be revived. If your device does not proceed to turn on after this point, please contact [email protected] to arrange for a replacement device to be sent to you.

My device is flashing red and will not produce vapor.

A flashing red light is indicative of a connection issue between the device and the cartridge. The main culprit of this is concentrate or residue on the connection and threading. Start with a cleaning as outlined here. Once the device is completely dry, proceed to test the device with a cartridge. Be sure to test an additional cartridge with the device or the same cartridge on another device to troubleshoot whether the battery or cartridge is at fault.

The threading of my cartridge broke and is stuck within my VRTCL.

We feel your pain on this one. If this happens, you may be able to remove the broken section of your cartridge from the device. You may be able to remove using a pair of needle nose pliers if there is a lip to grab onto and slowly unscrew from the device. If you notice that concentrate has leaked into your device as well, this can act as an adhesive and become even more difficult to remove. This type of damage typically occurs in pen-style batteries as pressure at the point of connection between the device and battery can cause breaks. Our SPRK ceramics are even more prone to this kind of damage due to the fact that the body is ceramic adhered to a metal 510 threading. We recommend to remove your cartridge from the device when not in use as this will not only prevent damage from pressure, but also save your battery from an unexpected leak. See more details on how to avoid SPRK cartridge leaks here. 

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