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PCKT Two TroubleshootingUpdated 2 years ago

My PCKT Two flashes red when I try to draw vapor. Help!

There are a few reasons that the device would exhibit a flashing red LED. Start by clicking the button once, if this displays a red LED, this indicates that the battery needs to be charged. If you are to see a yellow or green LED after pressing the button once, this means that your device is encountering a connection error. Clean the threading connection of your cartridge and device as well as the magnetic contact surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. All ample time for these surfaces to dry and test the cartridge to see if the cleaning has removed an obstruction between the cartridge and the device. If this does not work, you can either test on another device or test another cartridge on your current device. If the same cartridge works on another device, this is indicative of an issue with your battery and if a different cartridge works on the device in question, this indicates that the issue lies within the cartridge.

My cartridge wobbles when placed within my device. What can I do?

Sometimes cartridges may cause the center pin in the magnetic adapter to protrude a bit which causes the cartridge to wobble when placed within the device. If this occurs and your device will not fire (flashing red light), Unscrew the cartridge from the magnetic adapter and reset its pin. After this is done, thread the cartridge onto the adapter until the center pin is flush with the bottom. You may notice the cartridge is not fully threaded onto the adapter, this is ok and should get the device to fire again.

One of my magnetic adapters is stuck within my PCKT Two, how can I get it out?

Hold the device upside down in your hand with the chamber facing downward. Into a soft surface with a hammering motion, you can thrust into the pillow and this should provide enough force to dislodge the adapter from the chamber. Be wary if there is any concentrate within the chamber of the device it could act as an adhesive that will make it much more difficult to remove the adapter. In any case, we recommend avoiding this and not storing your adapters within the device.

The Auto-Inhale function on my device no longer works.

If you are to notice that your auto-inhale feature is not working properly, this is usually the first sign that a leak has made its way into the device. Be sure that your device is turned off and clean the interior as described in the previous section. Using a thin straight object, like a paperclip that has been extended, place within the center pin of the device to check for and clear an obstruction if concentrate has leaked within. Clean the tip of the paperclip or other object used and repeat until it comes out clean. If left untreated, this can damage internal components of the device so we recommend checking the interior of your device often and maintaining a routine cleaning schedule. We also advise to remove the cartridge from the device when not in use to prevent unexpected leaks from occurring. Turn the device off and remove the cartridge from within when storing within a pocket or purse. This will prevent firing the device on accident.

The Haptic Feedback no longer works on my device.

Unfortunately this can be another result of a leak within the device. If you are to notice any concentrate within the chamber of the device, the chance is high that this was the cause. if you are to notice that the haptics have failed although you have kept your device pristine or were not working out of the packaging, please contact support to submit a warranty service request.

My device was dead on arrival.

If you are to receive a device dead on arrival, please try leaving on charge for at least two hours. This is often a sign that the battery is drained and needs a little extra time to be revived. If your device does not proceed to turn on after this point, please contact us here.

I'm not getting much (or any) vapor production when I draw.

If you are not getting any vapor production while inhaling or using manual fire, first try switching to a higher power mode by pressing the function button on the device two (2) times in rapid succession. Then try resetting the pins on the magnetic adapters to ensure a good connection is made between your cartridge and the magnetic adapters.

Start by cleaning the magnetic adapter and clearing any obstructions that may be present in the airflow hole. 

To reset the pin on your adapter take a small pointed object like a key or a pen and gently push down on the small gold ring on the bottom of the magnetic adapter. The pin will recess a few mm into the threading of the adapter and no longer be flush with the bottom of the magnetic adapter. Be careful not to push the pin too far in as it can fall out and is easily lost. If the pin falls out of the adapter just place it back into the top of the adapter where the threading is located and push it down using a pointed object like a pen or key. The pin only goes in one way so you don't need to worry about inserting the pin the wrong way. Once the pin is reset, simply reattach your 510 cartridge to the magnetic adapter and insert the cartridge with attached magnetic adapter into the vessel chamber of the device.

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